EN: February 22 marks the day when we turn the first page of Cazul 101, an artist-run space, where trends and constraints are just words in the dictionary. We do not claim positions, but rather experimentation.

► Artists: Jesse James, Emil Cristian Ghiță, Veta Jones, Robert Băjenaru

Curator: Simona Abagiu
“As nothing develops or grows in constantly moving grounds, four artists engage in a functionality focused not on hierarchy, but on interdependence. One that can embody/assume the current structures of irony and sincerity, truth and relativism, individual and social, as unpredictable horizons, yet with strong connections, integrating them into a complete entity.

Physicists claim that there are no elementary particles, but only interdependencies between several forms of matter. Networks. Our whole existence is network-based, whether we’re talking about neural, professional, or social.

Today’s reality can no longer be described by means of a single theory or paradigm. The contemporary dispute of facts and figures distracts the current observer so that he no longer finds a coherent model of reality.
The artists present in the exhibition embrace their own historical, linear and irreversible time, they mould it, they accept the status of dwarfs standing on the shoulders of giants (Chartres), choosing to talk about both the center and the periphery of their own individuality.

Bourriaud said in 1998,


Therefore, we pretend to examine current realities and question the mechanisms of producing meaning today, leaving behind the artist’s statement for the instruction manual, for each individuality to be easily appropriated.”

► Opening: February 22, 7:00 PM

► The exhibition can be visited each Saturday, until March 25 (12:00 – 7:00 PM) / or by appointment, at +40730 927 358.

Partener principal: Centrul Ceh (Czech Centre Bucharest)
Parteneri: HUB 44, A U T O R, Unteatru, Pattern Media

Parteneri media: AGERPRES, Revista Zeppelin